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Haunted Children

Alexander's Experience
Joshuah's Experience
Katharine's Experience
Submit a ghost story.
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Submit a ghost story.


If you have witnessed a child under the age of four interacting with an etherial entity, and you would like to submit your account for inclusion to the anthology, please fill out the form, below.

The story will be sent to my personal email account for review.

Please include your email address so that I may contact you if I need to clarify anything. Thank you!

Submission Details:

Every submission is sent to my email account, and I review, and evaluate each one for it's relevance to the subject matter. In the event that I need to clarify portions of your account before it can be completed for publication, I will want to contact you by email. I will never knowingly disclose your email address to anyone. Ever.

So, please, remember to include your return email address.

Also, remember to indicate if you do not want me to consider your submission for publication.

I reserve the right to decline any submission to the publication, for any reason. Sorry, but in order to preserve the credibility of these accounts, I can't promise payment for any submission. If you are seeking compensation, please do not submit your story for publication in this anthology. Thanks.

All accounts included in the anthology will be edited for spelling, grammar, and structure, but content (facts) will not be altered. Accounts that can be verified by an additional witness, have a little more merit, but it isn't a necessity. Please indicate if you prefer to use assumed names to protect your identity in your published account. I will never disclose any information unless you have given me your express permission to do so.

Other Details, Hints, and Reminders:

Include as many details as you like. Length of submissions is not an issue. Informative details such as the location, date, time of day, relevant description of your surroundings, child's exact words or actions, and your reactions to the event are extremely useful when I edit your account. Try to collect your thoughts, and explain your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, sensations, and emotions.
These are the details that pique the readers interest and bring your experiences to life on the page.

Before composing your message, you may want to get an idea of the format such a story might take. You may read some excelent examples by clicking on: "Alexander's Experience,"
"Joshuah's Experience," or "Katharine's Experience."


Email address:
For my protection, may I publish your story online?
And . . . may I include your story in a printed anthology?
Which would you prefer? (select one.)
Submit Your Ghost Story!
Additional Comments and Suggestions are always welcome!

Thanks, Beemer!