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Haunted Children

Alexander's Experience
Joshuah's Experience
Katharine's Experience
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Many of you have requested links to websites that have more information about hauntings and perceptive children.

Therefore, I have constructed this page of links. Hold your mouse over any of these images momentarily to see a brief description of the site.

Haunted Sites

The Shadowlands has an enormous index of ghost stories to choose from. Get help with a haunting.

Another website looking for ghost stories. Lots of good tales.

Psychic Sites

(PEAR) The Scientific Study of Conciousness Related Physical Phenomena.

For psychic workshops and activities open to the public.

Develop your psychic abilities.

Scientists report personal transcendant experiences in this journal.

Science Sites

Learning what quantum physics has to teach about the universe may lead you to think differently about ghosts.

A ring of sites that challenge accepted scientific theories. Mind expanding, and entertaining.

Easy to understand science and math concepts. Nice visuals. 7stones

Easy to understand science and math concepts. Nice Visuals. 7stones.

How the mind creates a perception of smell.

The Association for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena

The Foundation for Mind-Being Research